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MOJO Marketing + PR is a full-service, experiential marketing and branding agency, specializing in brand building through strategic marketing initiatives for our clients. MOJO is the energy you need to grow your brand!

MOJO Marketing + PR launched in Nashville, TN in 2013 with a diverse portfolio of great clients. Our clients leave every meeting infused with creative energy and profitable strategies for success in their businesses.

We create effective #Marketing Strategies, Measurable #PR, #Innovative Ideation ROI, #Branding, as well as #SocialMedia.

Nashville Historical   Sit-Ins Marker Unveiling

Nashville Historical Sit-Ins Marker Unveiling

"The talent MOJO brought made the event come to life."


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"I can't say enough great things about her and the MOJO team! She is one of the most professional and dependable marketers I've ever worked with." 

Jade Fox, Marketing manager


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MOJO Marketing + PR was built upon 13 + years quality experience in branding, advertising, pr, marketing, and large scale events management for top Fortune 500 brands. MOJO specializes in creating innovative and integrated campaigns that develop grand brand engagement opportunities for our clients. Including but not limited to Advertising, Marketing, PR, Branding, Experiential campaigns.


Marketing Campaigns

We love creating powerful marketing campaigns that will energize all communication arms of our client businesses. MOJO specializes in creating integrated marketing campaigns, our proven methods for top consumer engagement and revenue growth.

  • Brand launches
  • Content Strategy + Development
  • Strategic Communications
  • Social Media Marketing

Experiential Marketing + Activations

From content to activation we create and enhance our clients branded experiences from franchisee grand openings, to your annual association conferences, sale events and more. MOJO specializes in innovative ideation for result driven events, creating experiences that enhance consumer loyalty and brand awareness. We love managing the A-Z of your event logistics and earned media attention about the event.

  • Ideation
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Incentive Program Design
  • Grand Openings
  • Media Relations
  • Branded Activations
  • Event Marketing + Promotion

Public Relations

MOJO attracts Exposure, Exposure and more Exposure for our client brands. We have strong relationships with reporters in Nashville and across the region, and we know how to work with them to secure positive press for our clients. Additionally, we offer media training to key spokespeople.

  • Media Activations
  • Blogger Outreach Programs
  • Community Engagement/Forums

Strategic Partnerships

We love our client brands so much that we will never let you innovate alone. We have a tried and true collaborative model that has helped our clients reach large audiences and stakeholders while propelling their businesses in profit and brand awareness. Lucrative relations and nothing less!

  • Sponsorship Coordination
  • Expert Co-Branding Strategies


We understand how to reach your target audience on all channels! Our experience includes managing over 35 million dollars in budgets.

  • Media Planning + Buying
  • Content Strategies + Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Billboard Management

Multicultural Marketing

MOJO creates branded experiences that enhance consumer place based marketing and brand awareness for cultural goals.  We successfully reach set targets and compete for a stronger brand relationships. We work with the top local media partners to curate great experiences for our brands. 

  • Place Based Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach Program
  • Product Launches

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